Performers Minds Workshops

The Performers Minds workshop was designed to offer a full understanding of stress, how to manage it and how it can lead to mental health issues if left untreated.

Whilst teaching the facts on stress and the role that the nervous system plays the workshop shares real life skills. These include teaching techniques in mindfulness, balanced breathing, teaching a comprehensive understanding of the body’s flight or flight mechanism and an awareness of thoughts using CBT techniques. The participants will leave the session with some new tools to help to look after every part of themselves. They will learn how the mind effects the body and vice versa.

Some colleges that have taken part in a Performers Mind Workshop include:

Arts Ed London, Italia Conti, SLP Leeds, Leeds Conservatoire, Midlands Academy of Musical Theatre, D and B Performing Arts, MADD, The Hammond, Evolution Foundation, Momentum and Colins Performing Arts.

Other companies that have taken part:

Collective Creative Initiative, Keddie Scott Associates and The Royal Theatrical Fund.

If you are a college or company that are interested in facilitating a Performers Minds Workshop please get in touch

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